Turnkey Projects

We are proud to be the partners of TRESPA, the name for technology, expertise, research and innovation. When you think for scientific solutions for clean rooms and sterile environment you Think TRESPA. The good back up of financial needs, excellent market collaboration with healthcare market players and an efficient team of resources we take up turn key projects of OT, Endoscopy suites and CSSD etc.

Operation theatre is a complex environment of varying degree of sterility, integrating surgical and anesthetic equipment for the safe conduct of surgery. This comprises of the design for better utilization of space for the doctors, nurses or technicians, equipment and instruments, sterility and ease of better maintenance. Though there are no standards of design, it should conform to the basic parameters to maintain the sterile environment. Our solutions are optimized for the space and energy and ensures sterility. .

with BeApp

We continuously innovate and is practically applied in all our projects. Our delivery bears the testimony to standards of innovation and workmanship and time. We use stainless steel or TRESPA wall cladding and ceilings, Epoxy or vinyl floors. The material is chosen based the requirements and the affordability.